FAQs for Exhibitors

Last updated May 2023

For additional questions, contact Christina Ghazal, Meetings and Events Coordinator.

About Reserving a Booth

Q. How can I register for a booth at the TAC Conference?

A. Visit TAC’s website, Conference section Sponsors & Exhibitors for information to learn more about becoming a sponsor or exhibitor.

Q. I don’t have a TAC online account, how do I get one?

A. Visit the Join TAC webpage to apply for membership / request an account.

Q. How do I know if my organization is a TAC member?

A. Contact TAC Secretariat at Secretariat@tac-atc.ca for assistance.

Q. How do I select my booth location?

A. After reserving your organization’s booth, TAC staff will contact the person who reserved the booth to provide TAC with their booth choices.

Q. If my organization is interested in becoming a sponsor and exhibitor of the TAC Conference, which one should I reserve first?

A. Sponsorship MUST be reserved first in order to receive a discount code to apply to the booth reservation.

Q. Are there any small pre-built options for companies who don’t need to showcase materials?

A. There is a 6’ x 6’ pre-built Pod (clustered with two other companies) that is suitable for consultants and tech companies who want a presence at the show but don’t have the need for much space. Visit Exhibitors webpage on TAC’s website for more information.

About Booth Staff

Q. How do I register my booth staff?

A. Starting in late April, a TAC staff will contact the person who reserved the booth with information and details on how to register booth staff.

Q. Can booth staff attend sessions?

A. Yes. Booth staff will need to register for the conference as a delegate to receive a badge for access.

Pre-Conference & On-Site

Q. How do I order furnishings, material handling, and power for my 10’ x 10’ booth.

A. Exhibitors can place orders through GES Expresso (online ordering).

Q. Which hotels can exhibitors reserve at?

A. Exhibitors can use the Conference hotels to book accommodations for exhibit staff. Visit Hotels & Travel webpage for the listing of Conference hotels.

Q. Where is the exhibition located?

A. The Exhibition is located in the Shaw Centre, level 3, Parliament Foyer and Canada Hall 3.

Q. When is exhibitor set-up?

A. Exhibitor move-in is Sunday, September 24 between 8:00-16:00.

Q. When do exhibitors tear down?

A. Exhibitor move-out is Tuesday, September 26 between 16:00-20:00.

Q. Can exhibit booth staff attend sessions?

A. Yes. Booth staff will need to register in advance to receive a badge that will allow them to have conference access.

Q. Is there lead retrieval for exhibitors?

A. Yes. All delegate badges will have a QR code and can use a mobile device to scan them into the Conference App. Exhibitors can then generate their own delegate list.

About Move-In

Q. Are exhibitors allowed to carry their own booth material and boxes to their booth?

A. Yes, exhibitors can hand carry their own booth and boxes and no charges will apply.

Q. What charges are there if I need to have GES move exhibitor material?

A. Exhibitors should consult with GES to determine charges/fees for weighed material. If exhibitors require their materials to be moved by a forklift or manual pallet jack, charges will also apply.

Q. Can exhibitors unload at the loading dock at the Shaw Centre?

A. Yes, exhibitors can unload with a Personal Owned Vehicle (POV) but then MUST leave the dock immediately, there is no parking or leaving vehicles unattended. Exhibitors can park and return to collect items and bring to their booth OR can request GES to move the material to booth. Material handling charges will apply. Cargo vans, etc. can use the loading dock but all materials will be weighed and charged for material handling.

Q. Can exhibitors use dollies or carts to unload vehicle in parking garage and move items to their booth?

A. The Shaw Centre and GES do not allow exhibitors using dollies for movement of goods from the parking garage to their exhibit space. The Personal Owned Vehicle (POV) area of the loading dock must be used.

Q. Can exhibitors use courier services (i.e., FED EX, Purolator, UPS) to deliver booth items/material?

A. Yes, if GES show services signs for any exhibitor materials, this is a chargeable service by GES.



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