Hosted by Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure and the City of Saskatoon, and bringing together the top Canadian transportation and roadways professionals, the 2018 TAC Conference & Exhibition will take place in Saskatoon, SK, September 30-October 3.

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The 2018 conference will offer more than 50 sessions, panel discussions and workshops on various topics including the conference theme, Innovation and Technology: Evolving Transportation

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International experts participating include:


Ben Sharpe, PhD, Senior Researcher, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
Participating in: Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Challenge & Opportunity for Canada Panel Discussion
Organized by: Integrated Committee on Climate Change
Ben Sharpe is a Senior Researcher with the ICCT and also serves as the Canada Lead for the organization. He is currently doing technical analyses to support ongoing policy development for reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants from on-road vehicles. Ben will bring an international perspective on the challenge and opportunity of the actual and future deployment in ZEV.


Jessica Lazarus, Research Assistant, Transportation Sustainability Research Center
Participating in: Transportation in the 21st Century: Riding on Bits and Bytes Panel Discussion 
Organized by: Traffic Operations and Management Standing Committee and Automated Vehicle Task Force
Jessica Lazarus has worked extensively with new mobility technologies including carsharing, ridesourcing/TNCs, bikesharing, ridesharing, microtransit, ITS, smart cities, mobility apps and vehicle technology. Participants attending the panel discussion will learn about cutting-edge research investigating how increased use of mobile traffic apps is changing the nature of traffic congestion.


Dr. Jerome Lutin, Independent Consultant
Participating in: Automated Vehicles – The Death of Public Transit and Re-emergence of Urban Sprawl: A Debate Panel Discussion
Organized by: Connected and Automated Vehicle Task Force
Dr. Jerome Lutin is actively engaged in automated vehicle research and has written and lectured extensively on the implications for the transit industry. He is currently serving as a Principal Investigator for a pilot project in Washington State to test automated collision avoidance systems and automated braking for buses. Dr. Jerome is uniquely positioned to bring a needed perspective to the debate regarding the future of transit.

Judith Corley-Lay, Director, National Centre for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), Michigan State University
Participating in: Pavement Preservation Workshop
Organized by: Asset Management Task Force, Maintenance and Construction and Soils and Materials Standing Committees
Judith Corley-Lay will be presenting for approximately one hour on the current state of Pavement Preservation (PP), the benefits and challenges facing PP, as well as a look forward to future developments in PP. She will also include an overview of National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Reports 810 and 857 as well as PP considerations in Mechanistic-Empirical (ME) Design. Two additional speakers are planned to present and address PP from the provincial and municipal perspectives. Judith will also be a valuable resource to participants during the hands on assignment portion of the workshop providing insight and expertise.

Trenton Clark, Executive Vice-president, Virginia Asphalt Association
Participating in: Innovations in Pavement Design Software: State of the Practice Panel Discussion
Organized by: Pavements Standing Committee (supported by the ME Pavement Design User Group)
Trenton Clark is the Executive Vice-president for the Virginia Asphalt Association based in Richmond, Virginia. Trenton will be part of a four person panel representing all corners of industry (academia, consultants, and industry – with agency support) to present on a single pavement design software application. The panel session will cover both mechanistic and imperial design methodologies for both flexible and rigid pavement design.

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