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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Committee

This committee supports the Technology Council. It is a centre of expertise within TAC and a national forum for sharing information and addressing challenges related to ITS.

Its goals include:

  • Sharing information and best practices for ITS program planning and deployment by transportation agencies across Canada
  • Supporting knowledge exchange and development for emerging issues in ITS, such as those related to digital infrastructure, transportation management centres and cybersecurity
  • Coordinating ITS-related efforts by other TAC councils and committees in areas such as road safety, traffic management and traveller information
  • Enabling communication and collaboration between TAC and the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada (ITS Canada)

Getting Involved

Committee membership is open to interested employees of TAC member organizations and individual members of TAC. 

The Committee meets during TAC’s Spring and Fall Technical Meetings and at other times as needed. Employees of TAC member organizations and individual TAC members may attend; others may attend if invited by the Chair.


Richard Chylinski


Brigid Canil

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Andrew Wong


Past Chair
Edward Stubbing