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Technical Achievement Awards

These annual awards recognize outstanding initiatives in Canada’s transportation sector, with a focus on roads, highways, and urban transportation.


Eligible organizations

  • Each applicant organization must be a member of TAC and the initiative’s principal owner. Consulting firms may not apply on behalf of government clients.
  • Joint applicants are allowed only when the initiative is an equal partnership of two or more organizations.
  • Applicants may ask for consultants and/or other organizations to be acknowledged as project partners.

Eligible initiatives

  • Initiatives must be located in Canada.
  • Initiatives must be substantially complete at the time of submission. An initiative representing one element of a larger project may be submitted before the entire project is complete.
  • An initiative may be submitted for multiple awards if each application reflects a distinct perspective or element of the initiative (e.g. infrastructure, technology, safety).
  • An initiative may be re-submitted for an award if it has not previously been selected as a finalist.


Abstracts are due

Applicants submit an abstract of up to 750 words.

Finalists are selected

Up to four finalists for each award are selected by review panels made up of volunteers from TAC’s councils and committees.

Finalists provide detailed applications

Finalists submit a detailed application up to 10 pages long including text and graphics, simply formatted.

Recipients are announced

Recipients are announced after TAC’s councils have approved the recommendations of the review panels.


  • Finalists for each award agree to present their initiatives in a TAC webinar.
  • Detailed applications submitted by finalists become the property of TAC to be published in TAC’s Library catalogue.
  • Applications must be made with the consent of the appropriate eligible organization.