Canadian organizations with interests in roads, highways, and urban transportation join TAC to share ideas, exchange information, and pool resources to tackle transportation challenges. TAC staff support practitioners across the country in their work.

Member benefits include opportunities to:


Member organizations* and their interested staff can access the benefits membership by creating a free TAC account affiliated with their organization’s membership. Employees must use their work email address to create the account.

*Divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated firms with different operating names, brands or identities require their own membership.

My organization IS a member

My organization ISN’T a member


Individual memberships are available to:

  • recent graduates and professionals who are between positions or retired, for a fee
  • post-secondary students enrolled full-time in a transportation-related program of study, for free

I qualify as an individual member

I DON’T qualify for individual membership


Membership fees are paid annually and are paid each calendar year. Fees for organization members depend on the organization’s type and size. Fees for new members are prorated quarterly.

If you join:

  • January through March, pay 100% of the annual fee
  • April through June, pay 75% of the annual fee
  • July through September, pay 50% of the annual fee
  • October through December, pay 25% of the current year’s fee + 100% of next year’s fee