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Who We Are

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a neutral forum for organizations with interests in roads, highways, and urban transportation.

Through TAC, those organizations and their staff share ideas and exchange information on technical transportation issues. TAC helps its members build knowledge and pool resources to tackle transportation challenges that are important to them.    

Member organizations include all levels of government, private companies, academic institutions, and other associations.

A network of hundreds of transportation professionals from TAC’s member organizations volunteer to guide the Association’s work in safety, mobility, environment and climate change, infrastructure and asset management, technology, and workforce development.

TAC doesn’t set standards, but develops technical guidance for planning, designing, constructing, managing, operating, and maintaining road, highway, and urban transportation infrastructure, systems and services. The guidance promotes good practices and encourages their harmonization across Canada.

TAC is a non-profit organization funded by membership dues and the sales of its products and services.