Pavements Committee

This committee supports the Infrastructure & Asset Management Council. It is a centre of expertise within TAC and a national forum for sharing information and addressing challenges related to pavement design, rehabilitation, management, performance and evaluation, and maintenance and construction specific to pavement layers.

Its goals include:

  • Identifying research needs in the areas of pavement design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, management and evaluation, and the factors that influence the physical behaviour, service life, and environmental and economic impacts of pavements
  • Developing and promoting guidance and encouraging the adoption of cost-effective processes and technologies

Getting Involved

Committee membership is open to interested employees of TAC member organizations and individual members of TAC.

The Committee meets during TAC’s Spring and Fall Technical Meetings and at other times as needed. Employees of TAC member organizations and individual TAC members may attend; others may attend if invited by the Chair.


Ania Anthony

Saskatchewan Highways

Mark Popik


Shawn Lapain

AECOM Canada Limited

Past Chair
Richard Korczak


Chair of the Automated Pavement Data Collection User Group
Chair of the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Subcommittee


Automated Pavement Data Collection User Group
Michael Robson

Fugro USA Land

Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Subcommittee

Sheila Kanal