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Training Courses

Training courses help practitioners meet their licensing requirements for continuing professional development. They are also an essential way for organizations to build and maintain a skilled workforce in an ever-changing world.

TAC’s training courses are primarily online and are either live (instructor-led) or on-demand (self-directed). Once a course is purchased and paid for, learners can connect to the Online Training Centre with a single click from their TAC account.

Online Training

Roundabout Planning and Design

Live, instructor-led, online training

This two-day course for transportation practitioners and managers is based on TAC’s Canadian Roundabout Design Guide. Participants will improve their understanding of using the Guide, roundabout capacity analysis and safety performance, and roundabout geometric and detailed design.

Road Safety for Canadian Practitioners

On-demand, self-directed, online training

These five courses are offered by TAC in partnership with ITE Canada and were developed by a team of Canadian experts led by CIMA+. They include introductory material for less-experienced practitioners and more complex topics for practitioners with intermediate to advanced experience. As a group, they exceed the material covered by the Road Safety Professional, Level 1 certification exam administered by the Transportation Professional Certification Board.


  • Each module is divided into submodules that include a recorded lecture, reading list, and examples or case studies.
  • Each module includes a handout with additional voluntary exercises.
  • Modules range from three to six hours long; all five modules comprise 24 hours of learning.
  • Learners’ progress is tracked automatically, allowing them to pause and return later.
  • Learners can download an electronic certificate of completion.
  • At the end of each submodule, learners complete a multiple-choice quiz; for each incorrect answer, they are referred to the slide with the correct answer.
  • Courses are accessible for 12 months after payment. Extended access requires re-purchase.
  • Courses are browser-based and run on personal computers (Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later) or mobile devices (Android OS 5 or later, iOS 11 or later).

In-Person Training

In-person training is available on selected topics. These classroom-style courses are usually one-to-two days long and offered in locations across Canada.

Previously delivered in-person training courses include: