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Technical Projects

TAC creates national technical guidelines, syntheses of practice, and research reports with the support and involvement of partner organizations.

Over the last 20 years, TAC and more than 80 partner organizations have pooled their funds to complete 150 projects with a combined value of $15 million. Project funders give their employees the opportunity to work closely with peers and experts from across Canada while maximizing the impact of their financial contribution.

Pooled-fund projects have three stages:

  1. In development – A project description has been approved; funding partners are sought.
  2. In progress – Enough funding has been committed to retain a consultant; work may be underway.
  3. In production – A project report has been approved and is being prepared for publication.

Requests for Proposals

TAC issues requests for proposals (RFPs) to consultants and academics to conduct pooled-fund projects. The lead consultant for each project must be a TAC member organization, and no more than 20% of the consulting budget may be assigned to sub-consultants who are not TAC member organizations.

There are currently no RFPs.

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Volunteer Projects

TAC’s councils and committees undertake many volunteer projects. These initiatives may lead to products that, subject to the necessary approvals, are released as TAC publications or volunteer reports available from TAC’s Library.