Traffic Operations & Management Committee


This committee supports the Safety, Design & Operations Council. It is a centre of expertise within TAC and a national forum for information exchange and problem solving related to traffic control devices and practices in Canada. Its broad goals include:

  • Developing and revising manuals, reports and guidelines for traffic control devices and practices
  • Encouraging the implementation of recommended guidelines for traffic control devices and practices in Canadian provinces and territories
  • Developing stakeholder information on the application and operation of traffic control devices

The Committee meets in person twice a year, and by teleconference as needed. Meetings are open to all employees of TAC member organizations, individual TAC members, and others at the discretion of the Chair. For more information on the Committee, see its Terms of Reference or contact Craig Stackpole.

Members and Executive

All TAC member organizations can appoint one or more members on this Committee. The current members of the Executive are:

  • Chair - Ravi Seera, City of Calgary
  • Vice-Chair - Greg O'Brien, WSP Group
  • Chair of the Applications and Practices Subcommittee - Nathalie Baudais, City of Saskatoon
  • Chair of the Development and Devices Subcommittee - Greg Iwaskow, City of Calgary
  • Chair of the Editing & Publication Subcommittee - Alan Aitken, P.E.I. Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Chair of the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee - Steven Kemp, Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Chair of the Rules of the Road Subcommittee - Phil Edens, City of Ottawa
  • Secretary - Sean Nix, Sheridan College
  • Past Chair - Winston Chou, City of Vancouver


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