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TAC Council News - Summer 2021

Volunteer Structure

TAC’s volunteer structure includes six councils, 22 committees and several other bodies that report to the Board of Directors.

Read an overview of TAC Councils and Committees to find out more about TAC’s volunteer structure, the roles of different groups, when and where they meet, and how to get involved.

Volunteer Roles and Benefits

Volunteers ensure the technical excellence of TAC’s work and the success of Canada’s transportation sector. Councils and committees identify emerging issues of national importance, and guide the delivery of effective responses. They shape guidelines and best practices, create and share knowledge, and organize technical sessions at TAC’s conference.

Individual participation on councils and committees is a privilege enjoyed by about 800 practitioners representing more than 200 TAC member organizations. In return for their effort, volunteers report benefits including technical knowledge, leadership skills and professional networks.

Council and committee membership is also a responsibility. Over the course of a year, every TAC volunteer must actively participate by attending in-person meetings or conference calls, helping organize conference sessions, or contributing to technical projects.

How to Volunteer

TAC member organizations can appoint one employee to each council (except the Infrastructure & Asset Management Council and the Safety, Design & Operations Council, which have restricted membership) and one or more employees to each committee. Contact us to ask about becoming a TAC council or committee member, or for more information on council and committee meetings.

Volunteer roles with TAC are not restricted to experienced practitioners. Students and young professionals bring valuable knowledge and perspectives, and find learning opportunities that build on those in their workplace. All they need is to show up and offer to help.

Volunteer Resources

TAC shares council and committee information with volunteers using SharePoint, a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Access to TAC’s SharePoint site is granted on request to employees of TAC member organizations.



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