Student Activities Funding Request Form

The Transportation Association of Canada Foundation (the Foundation) will support student activities which relate to their studies in transportation disciplines at Canadian institutions.

Applications for financial support will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Student Activities Fund Committee.  Funds will be allocated, in whole or in part, based on the purpose of the activity and the quality of the application.  It should be noted that the number of applications supported and the extent of that support may be constrained by the Foundation’s annual budget.

Applicant Information
An individual (full-time undergraduate or graduate student in good standing, or a related instructor or professor) or organization (club, team or association) may apply.
Eligible Activity
Provide a detailed description of the activity, being sure to respect the terms noted in the Application Guidelines.
As noted in the Applicant Information Required, outline the full activity budget, highlighting how the amount requested from the TAC Foundation fits in.
Provide any supporting documents, as described in 'Applicant Information Required'.
Accountability Requirements
I agree to the following Accountability Requirements if my application is successful