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The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) serves as a forum for 500+ member organizations with a common interest in road infrastructure and/or urban transportation. Memberships are corporate rather than individual, and the annual fees depend on the type of organization and its size. Memberships are for the calendar year.

Key benefits of membership include opportunities to:

Member benefits are extended to interested employees of the named member organization and not divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated firms with a different operating name.

If your organization is already a TAC member, employees can request to be added to the organization's membership account

Request your TAC employee account

Membership Fees

Fees for new members are prorated on a quarterly basis.

  • January through March, pay 100% of the annual fee
  • April through June, pay 75% of the annual fee
  • July through September, pay 50% of the annual fee
  • October through December, pay 25% of the current year's fee + 100% next year's fee

2021 Membership Fees

To apply, click the button that best describes your organization


Private Sector Company


Educational Institution

Public Sector

Individual membership is available ONLY to:

Full-time post-secondary students

Recent graduates, temporarily unemployed

Retired professionals

To learn more about TAC and benefits of becoming involved, listen to insights from our volunteers.