TAC's Library, or Transportation Information Services (TIS), provides access to technical reports, articles, and statistics as well as answers to specific questions in the transportation field.

A physical collection of books, manuals, and reports is just one part of the TIS toolkit. Online tools and databases, collaboration with other organizations, and connections with other professionals are also available via TIS.

If you have questions about how TAC’s Transportation Information Services can help you, call 613-736-1350 x244 or contact TIS by email.

Here are some ways you can use the TAC Library
to access quality research quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Search or Borrow from the Library Collection

TAC’s physical and online library contains tens of thousands of volumes, covering all facets of transportation. As well as Canadian reports from governments, universities, associations and the private sector, the library has a significant collection of documents from international organizations. These include the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB), the British Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

These items can be searched using the library catalogue, and borrowed via library loan  for those with a one-time need for them. 

Search the Library Collection

Request a Literature Search: Why TIS Trumps Google

A literature search done by TIS provides access to international transportation databases; includes relevant, reviewed material; and is conducted by a professional familiar with specific search language. The output? Better search results yielding better information, saving you time and money.

Why is TIS better than Google? Google is great for finding information on the Internet, but isn’t designed to identify, access, or vet specialized transportation research from credible sources. TAC’s Library services are. 

To illustrate, a 2015 literature search by TIS on ‘speed reader boards’ produced eight citations. All eight papers were case studies/analyses of the effect of the boards, and included two conference papers (ARRB and TRB); one US federal agency report (FHWA); one UK research agency report (TRL); and four journal articles (three of which had some form of peer review). A Google search for ‘speed reader board’ yielded a first page with 11 results, including a link to TAC’s project web page on the topic; one vendor web site; one technical bulletin; two ads for speed reading courses; two municipal newspaper articles; and four municipal press releases/announcements.

Google may provide a wealth of results, but the TIS avoids suspect material, or documents that may have restrictions on their use.

Access and Contribute to
Surface Transportation Research Database

Have you conducted or need to access research on surface transportation and development in Canada?  TAC’s Library coordinates Canada’s participation in the International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) database managed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

When you share your research on road, bridge or rail projects with TAC, it will be added to the Canadian Surface Transportation Research Database, and submitted to ITRD and TRB. This is a great way to showcase your achievements both nationally and internationally. 

Searching the Canadian portion database for your research needs provides direct access to over 2000 research projects from more than 120 Canadian transportation research organizations, including Transport Canada, the National Research Council, the provincial and territorial transportation agencies, universities, associations, municipalities, private firms and other research agencies.

Search the Canadian Surface Transportation Research Database

Contact TIS to learn more about contributing research to ITRD.

Monitor TAC Research Feeds and Compilations

The TAC Library lets you know about new research it receives and adds to its catalogue on an ongoing basis. 

  • TAC’s Research Bulletin highlights newly-published reports and articles from around the world with relevance to road transportation in Canada. Full text links are included, so you get more than just the abstract.
  • Check TAC’s website Home Page for ‘TAC Alerts’. This shows the newest additions to the Library Catalogue.
  • The Current Practices and Innovations Database is a collection of materials recommended by members of the Maintenance and Construction Standing Committee and Climate Change Task Force to provide a common set of documents on maintenance, construction, road safety and climate change.