PIARC Canadian National Committee

The World Road Association (known as PIARC) was established in 1909 as a non-political, non-profit organization that aims to develop international cooperation and foster progress in the area of roads and road transport.  PIARC brings together the road administrations of 121 governments and has members – individuals, companies, authorities and organizations – in more than 140 countries.

Principal PIARC activities include:

  • Technical committees that pursue four-year work plans, conduct cooperative and joint studies, convene meetings, prepare reports and publications
  • Major international events, such as World Road Congresses (every four years) and the Winter Road Congresses (also every four years, offset two years from the World Road Congresses.

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) serves as secretariat for the Canadian National Committee (CNC) of the World Road Association, while Transport Canada appoints the First Delegate to the PIARC Council. 

Activities of the Canadian National Committee (CNC) include:

  • disseminating communications and other information from PIARC and sharing Canadian information with PIARC for its dissemination to its other National Committees around the world
  • organizing activities such as meetings, conferences and seminars
  • assisting the First Delegate in identifying experts to participate in activities of PIARC technical committees and working groups
  • promoting and administering CNC membership services in Canada

Membership on the Canadian National Committee is by individual, collective agency or regional authority.   A Governing Task Force comprised of up to 22 CNC members reports to the TAC Board of Directors.  The Governing Task Force typically meets in spring and fall, in conjunction with TAC’s meeting cycle. 

Create a PIARC account

Creating an account on the PIARC website is free, simple and without obligation. With an account, you can download some documents and subscribe to the PIARC newsletter. 

By creating an account you gain access to:

  • articles, publications (from sources such as the “Routes/Roads” magazine) and technical reports, all organized by knowledge base such as risk management;
  • technical reports produced by one of the 20 PIARC technical committees;
  • documents and proceedings from past international seminars and workshops;
  • past Congress general reports; and
  • a PIARC newsletter subscription.

Interested in gaining free access to a wealth of information on road transportation from an international perspective? Follow the steps outlined in the how-to guide.

While you are exploring the PIARC website, take note of these other useful resources that are available to everyone:

  • Nine transportation dictionary resources including a dictionary of terms relating to roads and road safety as well as a lexicon.
  • Links to other international transportation association websites.
  • A manual of road tunnels.
  • Descriptions and the option to purchase software related to: risk assessments for the transportation of dangerous goods through road tunnels (Quantitative Risk Assessment Model); and the analysis, planning, management and appraisal of road maintenance improvements and investment (HDM-4 from the International Study of Highway Development and Management).

If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us:
CNC-PIARC Secretariat
401-1111 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario  Canada K2C 3T2

613-736-1350 x226


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