Frequently Asked Questions


Are the e-books a regular PDF file?

A.    The e-books sold by TAC are NOT PDF files.  E-books must be accessed through a Vitalsource Bookshelf online account OR the Vitalsource software downloaded to desktop or mobile devices. More specifics on how to buy, install and use a TAC e-book are detailed in this little ‘cheat sheet' of step-by-step instructions with visuals.

Q.   Are there any limits regarding copying and printing of parts of my e-book?

A.    Yes, in order to protect copyright, e-book owners may copy/paste/print a maximum of 5 pages at a time of their e-book. 

Q.   Can the e-books be shared with others?

A.    E-books are intended as a single-user license item, just like a print version of a book.  Users create a Vitalsource Bookshelf account which permits them to download the Bookshelf software to 2 desktop devices AND 2 mobile devices (Apple or Android).  They can access any TAC e-books purchased either on these devices OR using their online Bookshelf account.  Both the online account and downloads require a username and password to be entered which grants access to the e-books in their account. 

Q. I don't understand how to redeem my ebook license. Can you help?  

Step 1: Sign in or register your VitalSource Bookshelf® account at: https://evantage.gilmoreglobal.com/signin

Step 2: Redeem your e-book license code at: Select 'My Account > Redeem'. Enter your license code; Select Redeem

Step 3: Access your e-book across multiple platforms: desktop download, online, or on a mobile device (Apple, Kindle or Android). Visit http://evantagesupport.gilmoreglobal.com/ to download the Bookshelf software to your devices. Sign in to your online Bookshelf account to access your e-book online. 

Q.   What other features do e-books have?

A.    Features include the ability for users to insert notes into their e-book and even share these notes with others who have purchased the same e-book.  Syncing the e-book and any notes between workstations, online and mobile devices, is done automatically.  For more about e-books please read the Quick Reference Guide or eVantage User Guide.

Q.   How do I get my e-book once I’ve purchased it?  

A.    Once your purchase goes through, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on registering an eVantage account and redeeming your e-book license code.  Note that to read an e-book on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, the VitalSource Bookshelf application will need to be downloaded. 

Q.   I still have questions about e-books.  What can I do?

A.    For technical support, additional guides and troubleshooting documents please visit http://evantagesupport.gilmoreglobal.com/.  For eVantage customer service support, during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm EST, please contact TAC@gilmore.ca or phone 1-800-795-6661.


Payment Methods, Member Pricing and Discounts

Q.   What forms of payment are accepted by TAC’s Bookstore?

A.    Payments are made at the end of the online Bookstore order with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or through a PayPal account.  All prices are in Canadian dollars regardless of the location of the customer, and are subject to change without notice.  Applicable sales tax will be applied within the order process.  No purchase orders are accepted. 

Q.   Why are there two prices for each publication?

A.    The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a national association composed of member organizations.  Employees of TAC’s member organizations are offered member pricing on publications of up to 30% lower than the regular price.  Both member and regular rates are listed for each publication.

Q.   How do I find out if my organization is already a TAC member to receive preferred pricing?  If my organization is not a TAC member, how do we join?

A.    Contact TAC at services@tac-atc.ca or 613-736-1350 to verify if your organization is a TAC member.  Information about joining TAC is available at www.tac-atc.ca/en/get-involved/join-tac

Q.   My organization is a TAC member, but when I enter my email, first name and last name to login to the Bookstore as a member, it tells me that my information doesn’t match with TAC’s membership database.  What do I do?

A.    Your first step is to enter your contact information into TAC’s membership database under your organization’s membership. This is done using our TAC Online service, and clicking on the link under ‘setup an account’.  TAC’s member list updates to the Bookstore overnight, every night. So, a user who creates a new profile today will be able to login to the TAC Bookstore as a member starting tomorrow.

Q.   I am a student.  How do I access student pricing for the select titles that offer it?

A.    Students must contact TAC at services@tac-atc.ca or 613-736-1350 and provide a student ID number or copy of their ID, school/course name and professor's name if they wish to purchase at the student rate.  TAC will provide further instructions after the required information has been received.

Q.   My educational institution bookstore wants to purchase books to resell. 

A.    TAC doesn’t offer wholesale pricing for resellers.  Educational institutions are asked to encourage students to purchase directly from TAC, as per above.  Contact services@tac-atc.ca or 613-736-1350 with questions.

Q.   Why is the amount billed to my credit card slightly different than the amount shown in the order confirmation I received when I placed my order?

A.    The shipping charge provided in the order confirmation is only an estimate.  The actual cost of shipping the order (usually slightly less than the estimate) is what is actually charged to your credit card once the order is shipped.  If you require a formal, final invoice reflecting the amount billed for accounting purposes, request one by email to either services@tac-atc.ca or TAC@gilmore.ca.

Q.   Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

A.    Yes, a 10% discount applies to orders of 10 or more copies of a single title, shipped to the same address at the same time.


Order Processing and Shipping

Q.   How long does it take to process my order?

A.    All orders are processed and shipped in 48 hours or less. Purchasers are sent an email notification with the shipping details pertaining to their order. 

Q.   I need to have my order delivered earlier than the date indicated within the shipping page.  What do I do?

A.    Select the closest date possible and place your order.  Promptly email TAC@gilmore.ca to confirm whether your order can be expedited. Additional shipping costs will be incurred for expedited orders as the shipping method will need to be modified.

Q.   I need to change or cancel my order, what do I do?

A.    E-mail TAC@gilmore.ca with your order confirmation number and provide the details.  Your customer service representative will follow up within 2 hours. Orders not shipped, can be cancelled. A new order can be submitted as needed.  Orders that have shipped are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q.   I didn’t receive an order confirmation via email. Who should I contact?

A.    Please contact TAC@gilmore.ca for assistance.


General Questions

Q.   What’s the best way to quickly find a specific title in the Bookstore?

A.    You can use the search feature located at the top right of the Bookstore screen. If you require further assistance, please contact Transportation Association of Canada at services@tac-atc.ca or 613-736-1350 during regular business hours.

Q.   Who do I contact for support with the website/technical issues?

A.    Please contact Gilmore at TAC@gilmore.ca.  Your inquiry will be answered during regular hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Kindly note that these responses will be addressed within 4 business hours.

Q.   What if I want to return the material I ordered?

A.    Purchased material is non-returnable. If you have received the incorrect product from what was ordered, please email TAC@gilmore.ca or call 1-800-795-6661 with your order number for details on correcting this issue.

Q.   I have a question about the contents of a publication.  Who do I contact?

A.    All questions about the contents of publications are best asked to TAC at 1-613-736-1350 x244 for questions about the technical content of a publication.  If your question is more general about TAC’s publications or about other aspects of TAC, please contact 613-736-1350 x235 or services@tac-atc.ca.  Your inquiry will be answered during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. 

Q.   I have a question about an order that I’ve placed or want to place.  Who do I contact?

A.    All questions about orders, payments or the order process are best asked to Gilmore at 1-800-795-6661 or TAC@gilmore.ca.  Your inquiry will be answered during regular hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Kindly note that these responses will be addressed within 4 business hours.