Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada

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The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, Sixth Edition (MUTCDC) guides the use of road signs, traffic signals, pavement markings and other devices that inform travellers about road regulations, hazards and temporary conditions. It helps Canada’s federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments to apply traffic control devices in a consistent and harmonized manner, which is an important factor in road safety.

Overview and Order Information

The Sixth Edition MUTCDC:

  • is 60 percent longer than the Fifth Edition published in 2014
  • has been comprehensively rewritten and reflects the state of the art in traffic control
  • has a consolidated structure, new sections, and is indexed by device name and number
  • includes a major section on Typical Applications (Part E) that uses 89 figures to illustrate traffic control device combinations for common situations, and a new section (A5) on dynamic message signs

TAC published several articles in conjunction with the release of the Sixth Edition MUTCDC to share information on the document and the development process, as well as other information to help users.

A separate resource, TAC Sign Patterns, supports the accurate and consistent production of road signs in the MUTCDC.

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(PACKAGE: Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, Sixth Edition (2021); one print copy & one e-book copy)
$925 member; $1175 regular

A webinar providing an overview of the Sixth Edition MUTCDC’s new and amended content was delivered free for practitioners.


Development of the Sixth Edition of the MUTCDC was managed by TAC and funded by 27 partner organizations whose volunteer representatives formed the project steering committee that supervised the consulting team led by CIMA+.

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