Chief Engineers' Council

Traffic Operations and Management Standing Committee

The Traffic Operations and Management Standing Committee is concerned with organizing, stimulating and coordinating research for the improvement of traffic control devices and practices in Canada, and the conducting of workshops, distribution of educational and public information materials, and the carrying out of such other activities as may be desirable to disseminate information relating to recommended traffic control practices. The Committee has several active subcommittees:

  • Development and Devices
  • Applications and Practices
  • Editing and Publication
  • Rules of the Road
  • Emerging Technologies

Alf Guebert and Daniel Beaulieu are the current Chair and Vice-chair of the Committee.

Further information on Committee activities can be found by browsing this website or by contacting Craig Stackpole.

Committee Resources

Traffic Sign Survey

  • New traffic signs are being developed by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) to be used on roadways, trails, or other sites. This survey will help determine how effectively these new signs convey their message, or whether any adjustments are required.

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