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Recovery and Resilience: Transportation after COVID-19

The pandemic’s impacts on travel behaviour, transportation service delivery, and government budgets have presented opportunities as well as challenges. The conference’s two plenary sessions will explore different takes on the conference theme, “Recovery and Resilience: Transportation after COVID-19”, including transportation’s new look, what has happened, and what lies ahead. Our panels of experts will consider how all orders of government and the private sector can work together to both recover our footing and create more resilient systems.

OPENING PLENARY | Monday, September 20, 15:00-16:30 ET

What’s Normal Now: The New Look of Transportation

The Opening Plenary session will examine the pandemic’s many impacts on travel demand, with an eye to understanding which changes are most likely to persist or even accelerate. Will working from home and shopping online continue to dominate? When will traffic congestion and transit demand return to previous levels? What will happen to development patterns, business location decisions, and trade? Join us to hear our invited experts consider “the new normal” and what it means for transportation.

Moderator and featured panelists to come

SPOTLIGHT PLENARY | Monday, September 27, 13:00-14:30 ET

Action and Collaboration: Recovering (and Preparing) Together

The Spotlight Plenary session will focus on how different agencies and even sectors can work together to help Canada “build back” after COVID-19 while remaining vigilant for future pandemics. How can federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments collaborate to set priorities and get shovels in the ground? What mechanisms can help the public and private sectors make the most of new investments in transportation? And how can we improve outcomes when the next pandemic arrives?

Moderator and featured panelists to come


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