Colleagues Reflect on Webmaster’s Dedication after 45 Years of Service

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Following a 45-year career with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), Debi Woods has decided to retire as of May 31, 2019.

In the more than four decades that she has spent at TAC, Debi has seen many changes over time for the betterment of the organization and its members.

Debi has been extraordinarily dedicated to her job,” said Erica Andersen, Director, Member Services & Communications. “She knows so much about the organization, its people, its history, and its evolution. The kind of knowledge that she’s accumulated during her years at TAC simply can’t be replaced.”

Debi started with TAC on August 1, 1974 as an assistant to three engineers. She was responsible for transcribing handwritten minutes using an old Olivetti typewriter, answer phones “Good morning, RTAC, Bonjour!”, and day-to-day reception and office-related tasks.

Over time, Debi’s role evolved. Capitalizing on her passion for art and design, and her ability to adapt to changing technology, she was given the opportunity to develop her skills and grow into the position of Webmaster and Publications Coordinator.

TAC has given me the occasion to learn and to try things out on my own; they have allowed me to advance my skills with educational and development opportunities,” Debi mentioned when asked what she liked best about her time spent at TAC.

When discussing some of her career highlights, Debi said, “I enjoyed going to the conferences. I have been to every province in Canada and enjoyed working with the volunteers in each of the cities we’ve visited.

“There are so many great people on this team that I've gotten to know over time. I’ve made some good friends,” Debi, said. “I'm going to miss everybody here. I will also miss the work. I always felt a sense of pride when I would see the completed versions of projects I’d been working on.

Debi’s calm presence has made her the go-to for advice, recommendations or just friendly conversation at TAC. “Debi was the truest of assets to TAC, with a work ethic that is to be commended,” said Sarah Wells, Executive Director. “She will be missed by the entire TAC team and the TAC community at large.

To kick off her retirement, Debi says she would like to travel to places including Roswell and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Gaspé Peninsula. She is also excited to work on and grow her jewelry business and looks forward to taking some educational courses now that she’ll have the time.

Join us as we wish our long-time colleague, Debi Woods, a happy and well-deserved retirement!