TAC Launches Project to Develop Soil and Material Stabilization Products Best Practices

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A project to develop best practices for evaluating soil and material stabilization products has been launched by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).

Stabilization of poor soils is a common practice used by many Canadian agencies during road construction. There are numerous stabilization products available including ones that are new to the market, typically divided into three product categories:  physical, chemical, and biological. Canadian agencies often struggle to obtain information about the products, installation procedures, and long-term performance.

Recommended by the Soils and Materials Standing Committee under the guidance of the Chief Engineers’ Council, key tasks of this project will include:

  • A literature review of typical soil stabilization practices, including an overview of stabilization products available on the Canadian market.
  • A survey of Canadian agencies, industry, product suppliers, contractors and geotechnical experts to determine the most pertinent issues related to stabilization practices and treatments. 
  • A review of research on available soil stabilization treatments and associated performance throughout North America, and internationally.

The project steering committee is currently being formed; work will begin soon.

Funding partners for this project include Alberta Transportation; Manitoba Infrastructure; New Brunswick Transportation and Infrastructure; Ministry of Transportation, Ontario; Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure; Yukon Highways and Public Works, Cement Association of Canada, Ville de Montréal and the City of Saskatoon.

To make a contribution to the project or join the project steering committee, email Luay Mustafa, TAC Project Manager.