NEW! 2022 Bilingual Edition of TAC Sign Patterns

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) has released the 2022 bilingual edition of the TAC Sign Patterns in its Bookstore. 

TAC Sign Patterns (TSP) complements the sixth edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). It encourages traffic control uniformity across Canada and compatibility throughout North America and provides users and manufacturers with accurate patterns to be used when producing traffic control signs. Previous editions of this product were known as TAC’s Sign Pattern Manual.

The new collection of sign patterns uses the same sign classification system as the MUTCDC.

TAC Sign Patterns is available for sale in the Bookstore either in separate Parts, or as a Package.






Package: TAC Sign Patterns – ALL PARTS (1-4)




TAC Sign Patterns – PART 1 – Regulatory Signs




TAC Sign Patterns – PART 2 – Warning Signs




TAC Sign Patterns – PART 3 – Guide and Information Signs




TAC Sign Patterns – PART 4 – Temporary Conditions Signs and Devices



Each Part of the TSP includes:

  • Electronic image files. Each sign is provided in three electronic file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF files. All the signs are vector-based and are scalable without loss of quality.
  • A user guide that provides brief information on proper scaling and sign design.

All components are provided bilingually (i.e., include both English and French).

Potential buyers should be sure read the information in the catalogue listing about the font used in the patterns and how the user guide and sign files are delivered to customers. Contact us at with questions.


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