Membership: Be Part of the TAC Community in 2022 | Message from the Executive Director

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, TAC is looking forward to a new year and continuing to work with, serve and support our members in 2022.

We’re contacting members whose renewals are due by January, and I’m pleased to say that membership for the year costs no more than it did in 2021. TAC’s Board of Directors decided to forego an annual fee increase because some members are continuing to face challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in this together and hope this decision makes it a little easier for everyone to stay connected and be part of the TAC community. Together, the work we do is essential to the transportation sector and to Canada’s safety, health and prosperity.

Did you know that TAC corporate membership covers a whole organization? That means all employees are eligible to participate in TAC’s activities and take advantage of the membership’s benefits and savings. It’s as easy as visiting our “Join TAC” webpage to request a TAC employee account.

We often hear that the greatest thing about being a TAC member is the opportunity to participate on technical committees and councils, a nation-wide network of transportation expertise that advances knowledge on critical and emerging issues and provides opportunities for learning, professional growth and leadership. Learn more about TAC’s councils and committees and consider getting involved.  

Other valuable benefits of being a TAC member include:

  • Member pricing on TAC products and services like technical publications and events,
  • Access to general and research-oriented communications from TAC,
  • Free borrowing privileges and priority service from TAC’s Transportation Library,
  • Free listings on the Job Postings section of TAC’s website, and
  • Private sector and academic members receive email notifications of all requests for proposals for TAC’s pooled fund projects as they are issued.

In addition to those ongoing benefits, we are excited about new developments coming in the year ahead:

  • We’ll roll out comprehensive, web-based road safety training through a brand-new learning management system.
  • Our Spring Technical Meetings will be convened online in 2022. Only members can attend and there are no costs to register, so this is a great chance to take advantage of the networking and learning opportunities TAC forums provide.
  • TAC members’ accomplishments will be honoured through a broadened suite of nine technical achievement awards. Finalists and winners will present their work in a series of webinars, providing an opportunity to celebrate them, raise the profile of these innovative organizations and promote their outstanding contributions to the field.   
  • We’re planning to gather the TAC community again in person – at last – for the 2022 Conference and Exhibition in Edmonton, Alberta. There will be 50+ technical and plenary sessions, workshops and panel discussions, technical tours, an engaging exhibition and networking events.

With those and other ongoing activities, TAC strives to support our members. We really appreciate your commitment to the Association and hope that you and your organization will continue to value participation and renew your membership for another year.

We look forward to working with you again in 2022!

Sarah Wells, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Executive Director


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