Urban Transportation Council

The Urban Transportation Council (UTC) provides a national forum for discussion of transportation needs and issues in Canadian urban areas. Participation on the Council includes representatives of federal, provincial and municipal governments, the private sector, and other agencies and organizations with interests in urban transportation issues.

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Issues under active discussion by the Council include:

  • planning, development, management and financing of transportation systems in Canadian urban areas;
  • the role of local governments in urban transportation;
  • the interface between transportation and the planning and development of urban and rural areas;
  • the interface between transportation facilities and services within communities and regions and intercity transportation facilities and services;
  • the interface between urban transportation and the environment, economic development, climate change, social development and public finance; and
  • meeting Canada's challenges and commitments to environmental sustainability.

Meetings of the Council are open to any interested parties and membership is by appointment of individuals from TAC member agencies and companies.

There are currently three standing committees of the Urban Transportation Council:

The current Chair and Vice-chair of the Council are Lisa Salsberg and Brian Hollingworth.

Further information on Council activities can be found by browsing the TAC site or by contacting Geoff Noxon.

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