Small Municipalities Task Force

The Small Municipalities Task Force (SMTF) provides a forum for discussion of current and emerging issues in the transportation sector of relevance to small municipalities. The Task Force also encourages the development and dissemination of practical tools and approaches to address transportation issues within a small municipal context.

TAC’s Small Municipalities Program was created to address the unique needs of this target group within the Association membership. With no strict population definition of "small municipalities", it aims to engage smaller city, regional and rural communities.

Through an Association survey, TAC small municipality members identified their preference for an informal communication structure where they could share information and discuss issues that are unique to them, in addition to meeting face-to-face on a regular basis.

Communication and Networking Tools

As a result, the following tools were developed to help small municipalities develop a stronger network and better communicate with their peers on various topics of interest.

Small municipal existing or potential members are encouraged to search for topical information in the website listing of links and resources, created to provide useful links to other associations with similar interests, as well as case studies and articles on relevant topics.

The SMTF plans to provide value to TAC small municipality members by sharing information and networking with transportation professionals. The TAC Conference & Exhibition provides an ideal opportunity to meet these objectives. A face-to-face forum for small municipalities is held annually during the conference to provide a platform for discussion..


Membership on the Task Force is open to all TAC members with an interest in transportation issues within the small municipality context.

Shannon Noonan and Ahmed Ali are the current Chair and Vice-chair of the Task Force.

Help shape the future of the Small Municipalities Program and its core activities by joining the SMTF!

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Craig Stackpole.

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