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Pavements Standing Committee

The Pavements Standing Committee is concerned with the design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, monitoring, performance evaluation and management of pavements, and all factors that influence their physical behaviour, service life, and impact on the environment and economy.

Marta Juhasz and Mick Prieur are the current Chair and Vice-chair of the Committee. Further information on Committee activities can be found by browsing this website or by contacting Craig Stackpole.

Committee Activities

The following presentations were recorded during the 2016 Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Fall Meetings in Toronto. 

The Highway 400 (Barrie, Ontario) Precast Concrete Pavement Pilot Project enabled a team of experts to develop a new approach to durable, fast track resurfacing of rutted asphalt pavement. Using this innovative technique, 100m of rutting asphalt pavement of the highway’s northbound truck lane was rehabilitated; the new concrete pavement now has an estimated design life of 25 years.     

Watch experts from MTO, Golder Associates, Fort Miller Precast Concrete Solutions and the University of Waterloo’s Centre of Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) share their experience.

Overview video  

For a more in-depth perspective, watch these full presentations:

Full presentation

Full presentation


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