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Geometric Design Standing Committee

The Geometric Design Standing Committee is concerned with the geometric design of facilities for all modes of road transportation, including motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, and its influence on capacity, operation, maintenance, safety, aesthetics and environmental and socio-economic impacts. The subcommittees of this Standing Committee are:

  • Emerging Issues Subcommittee whose mandate is to develop and maintain a formal process for the Revisions and Additions Subcommittee on how to monitor, review, prioritize, present, and assimilate relevant research and emerging issues into the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.
  • The Revisions and Additions Subcommittee whose mandate is to identify and prioritize emerging issues, assess their relevancy and develop and incorporate necessary revisions and additions to the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.
  • The Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) Subcommittee has a mandate to develop and maintain a chapter for the Geometric Design Guide on the topic of best practices and design guidelines related to vulnerable road users. The expected material to be included in the VRU chapter includes warrants, design guidelines and dimension domain for sidewalks, pathways, intersections, curb ramps, pedestrian crossings at road/rail crossings, guard rail protection, traffic calming, surface treatments etc. The subcommittee would also promote development of a module for educational and training purposes.

Shaun Bidulka and John Bolger are the current Chair and Vice-chair of the Committee.

Further information on Committee activities can be found by browsing this website or by contacting Craig Stackpole.

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