Validation of Uniform Compaction of Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements in Connecticut

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 18:45

Connecticut DOT trialed Uniform Compaction (UC) equipment on 2 pilot projects during the 2014 construction season. This equipment included everything that would be used for Intelligent Compaction (IC) with the exception of the stiffness measurement instrumentation. The intention was to investigate whether the use of the equipment would lead to better coverage and speed control to provide a more consistent and uniform overlay. The data from each roller and paver was collected each night of paving. These raw data files were then transferred to the research team for analysis with the VETA mapping software. Acceptance core density was also analyzed on both projects and compared to other 2014 projects in CT that did not use the UC equipment. Results show that the use of the UC equipment did, in fact, significantly improve the uniformity of the pavement from a density perspective. Analysis of the mapping software showed that it may be useful in determining overall coverage, speed and temperature information. The quality and accuracy of the mapping software should be improved prior to using the equipment for locating areas of distress and deficiency. Given the results of the reviewed literature, the stiffness values do not correlate well with pavement density. The full report is available online at:


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