TRB Special Report 337: The Role of Transit, Shared Modes, and Public Policy in the New Mobility Landscape

Monday, January 18, 2021 - 19:45

This report was largely prepared in 2019 and early 2020 before the novel coronavirus  that  causes  COVID-19  struck  the  United  States.  Economic  shutdowns and social distancing measures were put in place in multiple cities  and  states  beginning  in  March  2020  to  protect  the  public  in  the  absence of treatments or vaccines. These measures resulted in profound impacts on the economy and society. Economic activity and employment plunged in weeks to depression-era levels and resulted in historic declines in travel by all modes. These impacts are still unfolding as this report is being released.

Prior to the pandemic, shared modes with names such as ridehailing, micromobility, and microtransit had been growing quickly up to 2019 and had been well received by many travelers across the country. Much  of  the  report  focuses  on  the  potential  benefits  of  combining  trips  between  these  shared  modes  and  public  transportation.  Even  before  the  pandemic,  this  was  a  rapidly  changing  set  of  opportunities  as  private  companies explored new markets and public transportation agencies sought ways to collaborate with them. The authors of this report relied on the most recent academic studies and papers and the most recent blog posts to keep abreast  of  these  changing  developments.  Even  so,  these  studies  and  blogs  were  written  without  foreknowledge  of  the  pandemic  and  the  profound  impacts it would have.

The report can be downloaded from the Transportation Research Board at


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