Improving Findability and Relevance of Transportation Information: Volume I—A Guide for State Transportation Agencies, and Volume II—Background Research

Friday, May 26, 2017 - 18:30

Thsi report provides practices and tools to facilitate on-demand retrieval of useful information stored in project files, libraries, and other agency archives. The report defines a management framework for classification, search, and retrieval of transportation information; documents successful practices for organizing and classifying information that can be adapted to search and retrieval of the diversity of information a transportation agency creates and uses; develops federated or enterprise search procedures that an agency can use to make transportation information available to users, subject to concerns for security and confidentiality; and demonstrates implementation of the management framework, information organization and classification practices, and search procedures. Volumes I and II provide guidance and background information designed to assist agencies to tailor findability procedures and tools to meet their particular needs.  The full report can be downloaded from the Transportation Research Board web site at


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