Decision Support for Traffic Management Systems—Current Practices

Lundi, 10 Janvier, 2022 - 15:30

Traffic management systems (TMSs) and their operating centers, traffic management centers, support real-time and offline functions, services, actions, and activities—as well as related tasks and decisions (e.g., administrative actions and condition reports). In this context, decision-support tools (DSTs) are not generally used as standalone solutions; rather, they are deployed and integrated in tandem with one or more specific TMS subsystems (e.g., software subsystems and data subsystems). A DST can be integrated into a TMS subsystem’s software, component, or device—depending on a TMS’s requirements and uses for the DST. This report examines current practices and trends among agencies using or planning to implement DSTs to improve TMS capability and performance. It provides a framework for understanding types of DSTs available and how they may support and carry out decisionmaking within a TMS. It also discusses potential benefits of DSTs, issues to consider in integrating various DSTs into the real-time operation of a TMS, and current practices to consider in planning and developing next generation TMSs. This report can be downloaded from the FHWA web site at


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