Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies – Insights for Codes and Standards in Canada

Mardi, 21 Décembre, 2021 - 18:30

The CSA Group report titled “Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies – Insights for Codes and Standards in Canada” provided recommendations and highlighted the need for a code that provides requirements and specifications for digital and physical infrastructure to be safely installed and securely operated in supporting connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology deployment. To help meet that need, this report provides a framework for developing a code relevant for CAV implementation within North America as it relates to three topic areas: 1) physical infrastructure, 2) digital infrastructure, and 3) cybersecurity and data security/privacy. The development of the framework was informed by an investigation into relevant standards, technical research, and other existing literature sources. In addition, the findings in this report are also informed based on interviews with several experts within the physical and digital infrastructure fields that provided input on emerging standards and validated findings from the literature review. Categories for CAV requirements and specifications, as well as many relevant standards within these categories, are identified providing a framework that serves as a tractable starting point for a CAV code. The rport can be downloaded from CSA at


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