Division of Engineering Research on Call Task #9 - Exterior Protection of Precast Reinforced Concrete Culverts

Lundi, 22 Mars, 2021 - 15:00

Application of exterior coatings and membrane waterproofing on precast reinforced concrete box culverts, three-sided flat-topped culverts, and precast reinforced concrete arch and round sections is required by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Sealing and waterproofing limit the intrusion of ground water through the top of the joint and it protects the top and sides of the concrete surfaces from top-down chloride intrusion, thus extending the service life of the culvert. The intrusion of water through the joint, particularly in low cover applications, can lead to premature degradation of the reinforced concrete. This project investigated the suitability of the current exterior surface preparation of large-span reinforced concrete structures to eliminate water infiltration. Based on survey data from 24 state DOT agencies and precast concrete industry, literature review, and evaluation of ODOT’s current waterproofing and joint treatment methods, successful practices are identified and recommended for repair and protection of precast concrete culverts. This report can be dowloaded from the Ohio Department of Transportation web site at https://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Planning/SPR/Research/reportsandplans/Reports/Final%20Reports/Final%20Report%20135786%20T9.pdf


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