Novel Highway Signs Study to Support Infrastructure-Based Motorcycle-Crash Countermeasures: Phase II

Lundi, 8 Février, 2021 - 17:00

Motorcycle crashes make up a disproportionately high number of crashes on the Nation's roadways. Warning signs have the potential to reduce motorcycle crashes by drawing the attention of road users to situations that may be particularly hazardous for motorcyclists. The current study examined the potential for novel signs to be used as motorcycle-crash countermeasures. Based on research conducted as part of an initial project entitled New/Novel Highway Signs to Support Infrastructure-Based Motorcycle-Crash Countermeasures: Phase I Project and a review of the relevant literature, four categories of potential signs were selected: motorcycle awareness, advance curve warning, pavement condition, and limited sight distance signs.(1) Next, the research team generated a preliminary set of novel signs designed specifically to target the needs of motorcyclists. Feedback on this preliminarily sign set was solicited from motorcyclists via an online questionnaire. The research team used results from the questionnaire to narrow and refine the stimulus set. Finally, an experimental assessment of sign comprehension and legibility of the novel signs was conducted using both motorcyclists and nonmotorcyclists. The result is a prioritized list of five novel signs that may serve as effective motorcycle-crash countermeasures. The report is online at the US Federal Highway Administration web site at


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