Beyond the Guide: An Advanced Seminar in the Geometric Design of Roads

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EVENT:  Two-Day Seminar
TIME: 8:30 AM -5:00 PM
COST: TAC Member $995 / Non-Member $1195
EARLY-BIRD: TAC Member $895 /Non-Member $1095
GROUP RATES: Available for 5 or more individuals from the same organization registering at the same time, regardless of location.

Seating for this interactive seminar will be limited to 25, so be sure to register early.

Dates and Locations:

April 8-9, 2019 Vancouver, BC
Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport
8181 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3X9
(604) 276-8181

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Early-bird ends 03/18/2019

April 11-12, 2019 Winnipeg, MB
The Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB
(204) 942-8251

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Early-bird ends 03/28/2019

This two-day advanced seminar in the geometric design of roads will look directly at the complexities of applied design. It is intended for experienced designers, and is based on nine distinct real-world Canadian road geometric design challenges. Seminar participants will be expected to participate actively in assessing and shaping potential design solutions as well as discussing the actual final designs from the standpoint of practicality, potential user challenges, and general risks and cost-effectiveness.

Special Promotion

Register for the seminar and receive a 15% discount when you purchase one copy of the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (2017) in print or e-book format. A promo code will be provided as part of the seminar confirmation email.


The nine real-world examples include:

  • Design of an innovative intersection for an arterial/expressway in a constrained urban area
  • Bicycle facility road safety audit for a freeway corridor environment
  • Freeway loop design
  • Interim termination of a staged freeway construction project
  • Context-sensitive road safety audit for a rural parkway
  • Incorporating new bike lanes in an established older urban area
  • “To widen, or not to widen”: A bridge widening design forensics case
  • Truck escape ramps: A real-world example
  • 2+1 roadways: Can you import Europe? A case study

Learning Objectives

Involve experienced designers in real-world applications of concepts such as flexible design, cost-effectiveness analysis, human factors considerations in roadway design, and quantitative road safety analysis.

Target Audience

Experienced designers wishing to reinforce their knowledge of all aspects of the 2017 TAC Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads - including particular reviews of new applications and practices. Knowledge of the basic principles of design will be assumed and the instruction will be example-oriented. Significant participant interaction will be required.


John Robinson, Flood Murray International, Inc.
Flood Murray International specializes in road safety science and the application of both engineering and human-centered design principles to the increasing presence of challenging and complex design situations in North American land transport systems. Dr. Robinson, Traffic and Transportation Systems Engineer with 45 years of experience, brings an extensive body of proven expertise in road safety engineering to the company. John was co-author of the roadside design and intersection chapters of the 2017 TAC Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.

Geoff Millen, WSP Canada Inc.
Geoff has more than 25 years of experience in road and highway design, roadside design, road safety engineering, and value engineering analysis with WSP. Geoff served as Technical Director for the 2017 TAC Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads, and was co-author of the new roadside design and intersection chapters.