Advanced Geopolymer Mortar System for the Structural Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Culvert and Sewer Infrastructure

Transportation asset owners and engineers throughout Canada and the United States have been in search of cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that serve infrastructure repair and rehabilitation issues. Geopolymers have long been known to provide enhanced physical performance to traditional cementitious binders with the added advantages of significantly increased service life, reduced environmental impact and superior chemical resistance. Geopolymers are ceramic polymer technology that creates a chemical material similar to natural stone that is superior to traditional portland cement and shotcrete materials.  The spray applied structural conduit renewal process offers a quick and cost-effective structural lining solution over traditional relining methods for deteriorated infrastructure challenges. This presentation will review a geopolymer mortar system that has been in use since 2011 and is becoming a preferred solution for larger diameter trenchless pipe and culvert repair and rehabilitation.  Culvert rehabilitation case studies involving provincial and state transportation projects will also be examined.


Keaffaber, D.

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