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Canadian Guidelines for Establishing Posted Speed Limits (2009)

This publication offers recommendations to help engineers and traffic practitioners determine speed limit management procedures, which enhance the effectiveness and credibility of posted speed limits.

Road safety may be enhanced through credible posted speed limits that match the expectation of drivers for a given roadway and its surrounding area. The guidelines provide an evaluation tool to assess appropriate posted speed limits based on the classification, function and physical characteristics of a roadway. It is an objective assessment based on engineering factors.

The risks associated with the engineering factors determine the appropriate posted speed limit. The higher the level of risk, the lower the recommended posted speed limit. The application of the methodology determines posted speed limits, consistent with the roadway’s physical characteristics.  An automated spreadsheet is provided to facilitate the evaluation of posted speed limits.

The guidelines were developed through a review of current domestic and international practices, technical documentation and testing.

An Excel spreadsheet with the evaluation tool will be emailed separately by TAC after purchase.

Disponible en français : Lignes directrices canadiennes pour l’établissement des limites de vitesse prescrites (2009)


Topic:Traffic operations and management
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: PTM-POSTEDSPEED-E
Pages: 71
Publication year: 2009
Media type: print
Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: November 15, 2009
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