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Moving Smarter: Exploring energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction solutions for Canadian cities – Toolbox of Measures (2016)

In recognition of the significant impacts and risks of climate change, municipalities and regional agencies across Canada are working to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across a broad range of sectors. Moving Smarter was developed to help municipal and regional agencies understand and assess available options for reducing GHG emissions from the urban transportation sector.

Moving Smarter aims to help municipalities and regional agencies understand the three main approaches to reducing urban transportation GHG emissions in urban areas. These are:

  • Reduce Vehicle Kilometres Travelled: Reducing distances travelled by passengers and goods by vehicle;
  • Improve Transportation System and Driver Efficiency: Improving the efficiency of the transportation system so that more vehicles travel under more optimal conditions in terms of speed and flow;
  • Encourage Alternative Vehicle and Fuel Technologies: Adopting and supporting vehicles that use alternative fuels and technologies which are more energy efficient or use less GHG-intensive energy sources for propulsion.

Moving Smarter presents a collection of 30 different measures (a variety of strategies, policies, programs, projects or actions) to address transportation-related GHG emissions, organized according to the three approaches. To help readers identify measures which are appropriate to their context, the applicability of measures by size of municipality, responsibility for implementation, timing of implementation, potential reductions in urban transportation GHG emissions, and timeframe when reductions might occur, are presented.

Disponible en français : Se déplacer intelligemment – Inventaire des options de réduction de la consommation d’énergie et des émissions de GES dans les villes canadiennes (2016)


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