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In-Line Skating Review Phase II (1997)

In-line skating in Canada is worthy of consideration as a mode of transportation. In TAC’s In-line skating review it was revealed that in-line skating represents a concern for many municipalities in terms of their ability to manage, regulate and enforce this activity on the transportation system. As the activity grows in scope and scale, a need becomes evident for the development of design, operational and safety guidelines.

The objective of the In-line Skating Review: Phase 2 was to undertake a comprehensive investigation of some pertinent issues relating to in-line skating and to establish guiding principles with respect to:
1) the appropriateness of permitting in-line skating on any roads, sidewalks, bicycle routes and offroad facilities and
2) the need for and type of protective equipment that should be used.

The report includes a thorough assessment of the current technology, the basic operational characteristics of in-line skating, performance characteristics/constraints, the safety record of the equipment, a review of enforcement issues and suggested criteria to be used in assessing the capability of infrastructure elements to safely accommodate in-line skaters.

Disponible en français : Synthèse sur le patinage sur roues alignées : deuxième étape (1997)


Topic:Active transportation
Focus Area:Mobility
Publication code: INLINE
Pages: 124
Publication year: 1997
Media type: pdf
Publication type: Report
Publication date: December 30, 1997
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