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The Use of Engineered Soils in Canada


The document will identify the three types of engineered soils currently used in Canada including cement modified soils, cement treated bases and full depth reclamation with cement. It will also identify the difference between cement modified material and cement stabilized material. The fine fraction improvement will also be discussed including: Cation exchange, Particle restructuring, Cementitous hydration and Pozzolanic reaction. The purpose of utilizing the three technologies will be presented, as well as, the type of material each process is best suited for and the amount of cement typically used in the procedure. The benefits of utilizing these technologies will also be discussed. The construction procedure will be presented along with quality control procedures followed. The final portion of the paper will identify some Canadian sites where the procedures have been used. Comments will also be provided on how well the various installations are performing.

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Green Technologies - Innovation to Implementation and Evaluation
Smith. T.
Barnes, C.L.
Zupko, S.