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The ‘Autonomes’ are Coming – This Will Fundamentally Change How We ‘Do’ Road Transportation


This forward looking presentation addresses the issue of the two separate technological tidal waves that we face in automotive and communications technology that will start to transform our roadways sometime between 2015 and 2022. They will result in a paradigm shift in how we ‘do’ road transportation. The Connected Vehicle will allow road vehicles to communicate with each other and with infrastructure, thereby improving congestion and the efficiency of our road networks as well as improving safety for unimpaired drivers. The autonomous vehicle (or ‘autonome’ as we call it) will allow vehicle users to be completely disengaged from the driving process for most, or all of their journey, thus effectively removing human error (a factor in 95% of collisions) from the driver/road/vehicle equation. The road safety benefits, business efficiencies, improved mobility and reduced emissions could possibly equate to 4% to 7% improvements in GDP. These technologies will eventually change how we use our road space and parking, the size and weight of vehicles, the need for road furniture, how intersections function, transform public transport as well have major wider societal impacts. In order to maximize the benefits of this technology, and see rapid and significant reductions in collisions, we need to prepare now and ensure that our thinking, policies, regulations and standards can accommodate this impending revolution on our roads.

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Paul Godsmark
Bill Kenny
Road safety