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Summary of City of Saskatoon “Green Street” Infrastructure Program


In 2009, the City of Saskatoon implemented the “Green Street” Infrastructure Program. The “Green Street” Program employed on-site recycling methods and off-site recycled materials to construct five test sections during the 2009 construction season. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the use of recycled hot mix asphalt concrete (HMAC) and Portland cement concrete (PCC) materials in the construction of City of Saskatoon test sections. Pre construction, all “Green Streets” test sections were exhibiting severe surface and structural deterioration. Test sections were full depth rehabilitated using a structural design that incorporated both recycled HMAC and PCC as structural layers. Pre construction characterization showed all sites had severe sub-structure moisture problems. Mechanistic characterization of the recycled materials showed significant structural improvement in the recycled material structural design. The structural benefits were validated through pre and post construction non-destructive heavy weight deflection testing. Based on the findings of this research, it was found that using recycled HMAC and PCC in the rehabilitation of urban roads provides a cost effective alternative to using virgin granular base materials. In fact, if processed to a high performance mechanistic specification, recycled materials were shown to provide improved mechanical behaviour over conventional aggregates. Structural asset management measurements showed full depth reclamation significantly improved the structural asset value of the urban streets rehabilitated.

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Curtis Berthelot
Rielle Haichert
Diana Podborochynski
Colin Wandzura
Duane Guenther
Brian Taylor
Sheri Praski