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Replacement of the Chehalis Bridge – Design, Construction, and Demolition


The Chehalis Bridge serves the Morris Valley Road to cross the Chehalis River, 6 km North of
HWY 7 and around 17 km West of Agassiz. The bridge is the only connection between the
communities on both sides of the river and an important local link for the Sasquatch Mountain
Resort and many campgrounds in the neighborhood. The over 70-years old timber through truss
structure was due for replacement due to its deteriorated condition, limited roadway width, and
modern hydraulic requirements. The construction method for the given span arrangement of the
new bridge with one major main span and two symmetrical but relatively short side spans was
decisive for the type of the new structure. Since a total traffic closure of the old bridge was not an
option, the new bridge had to be realigned in parallel configuration right next to the old bridge.
This paper describes the design and construction aspects of the new bridge in context to modern
design philosophies as well as the engineering tasks behind the demolition of the old structure.

Design for Climate Change, Conceptual Bridge Design, Performance-based Design, Integral
Bridge, Structural Redundancy and Resilience, Incremental Launching, Aesthetics, Engineered

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Session title:
Transportation Structures
Sohal, Prerna
Hodgson, Kent
Saifuzzaman, Mohammad
Schueller, Matthias