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Pavement Rehabilitation Design for City of Ottawa OR-174 Composite Pavement Section


The OR-174 is major arterial highway in the City of Ottawa connecting the Blackburn Hamlet and Orleans communities to the rest of Ottawa. A 3.9 km four lane section (2 lanes each way) of the highway is a composite pavement consisting of a 1959 concrete pavement overlayed with asphalt pavement. This section of highway is experiencing a variety of maintenance issues including development of humps at joint and crack areas. Stantec Consulting Ltd. (Stantec) was contracted by the City to perform a detailed pavement evaluation on this section of the OR-174 to develop a pavement rehabilitation design strategy. As part of the evaluation process a variety of evaluation techniques were utilized to collect data on the roadway structure including Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys, Visual Condition Assessments and Subsurface Investigations. This report provides background and a summary of the data collected and how it was analyzed to assist in the evaluation of six different rehabilitation / reconstruction alternatives for the OR-174 project area. Results of the evaluation of the various alternatives are provided in the paper including development of preliminary designs, maintenance and rehabilitation schedules, initial potential cost estimates and life cycle analysis on the three most promising options. 

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Tim Smith