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Mechanical and Durability Performance of an Innovative In-Situ Concrete Pavement Repair Patch


Concrete roads crack and deteriorate due to severe service loadings, de-icing materials, freeze-thaw cycles, etc. The replacement cost of existing deficient concrete roads is expensive. Moreover, the design of maintenance materials requires the use of energy-efficient materials with a low environmental impact. Facca Incorporated, in collaboration with Dura Concrete Canada Inc., located in Ontario has been developing an innovative cementitious composite for different construction applications. One of these applications is the use of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) as a partial patch repair for concrete roads. The mechanical and durability performance of UHPC and ECC mixtures were investigated. The mechanical performance of the mixtures was assessed by means of compressive, and flexural strength. While, the durability of the mixtures was investigated and evaluated by the means of rapid chloride penetration, absorption, and plastic shrinkage. To compare the mixture’s performance in the field, a location in the City of Windsor was selected. These innovative in-situ repair materials were applied in thickness varying from 40 to 60 mm. The selected road was closed, milled, prepared, repair materials applied and completed within 24 hours. The strength gain in 24 hours of both UHPC and ECC were acceptable to open the roads to traffic after 48 hours. Laboratory and in-field results and observations for the road repair materials, showed superior mechanical and durability characteristics.

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Safety Innovations in Delivery of Summer and Winter Maintenance (PS)
Booya, Emad
Loh, Philip
Gardonio, Don
Adesina, Adeyemi
Das, Sreekanta
Construction, Maintenance and operations