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Integrating Laser Crack Measuring System into the Saskatchewan Pavement Management System


Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (SMHI) has replaced the visual assessment method for collecting pavement condition information with data measured using the Laser Crack Measuring System (LCMS). Pavement bleeding, stone pick outs, ravelling, wheel path rutting, bumps & dips and all types of pavement cracking have been incorporated into the Saskatchewan pavement asset management system.
The paper discusses how the field calibration site and testing fit into the overall project. The site was set up to understand repeatability of the categorization and severity of each measured distress. The design, construction and results from the field calibration site are discussed. Analysis of multiple measurements taken at the site was used to modify and fine tune the metrics developed for the Pavement Asset Management System.
The paper includes:
•An over view of the LCMS integration project
•Design, set up and operation of a field calibration site for surface distress measured by the LCMSincluding cracking, bleeding, potholes, delamination, pick outs and ravelling
•Findings from the analysis of the calibration testing
•Improvements that will be incorporated into the next cycle of data collection

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Session title:
Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering, and Technologies
Williams, B.
Andre, N.
Bowey, K
Huynh, K.