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Fast Track Precast Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Pilot Project


As Ontario’s highway network expands and is subjected to increasing traffic volumes, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) is challenged to look for new and innovative solutions to preserve and maintain the highway system. The ministry has identified a few high truck traffic sections having Average Annual Daily Truck Traffic (AADTT) greater than 25,000 that are experiencing progressively early rutting failure, and a few thick asphalt pavements experiencing full depth cracking. To reduce impacts to the travelling public, these high volume highways require all major maintenance and rehabilitation works to be performed under tight nightly construction closures. The typical rehabilitation holding treatment of mill and overlay at these locations may last only 3 to 5 years, rather than the expected 8 to 12 years, before the rutting and cracking return. Based on the progressively shorter lifecycles of this holding strategy, the ministry is investigating a potentially more life cycle friendly option of using overnight precast concrete mill and inlay techniques to mitigate this progressive rutting and cracking challenge.
This paper describes an MTO pilot project using precast concrete slabs to rehabilitate a deep strength flexible pavement. The paper discusses how three different slab support systems were evaluated based on factors such as load transfer and ease of construction; the challenges of construction staging based on an 8 hours work window, with adaptations of horizontal and longitudinal joint details for the anticipated temporary and permanent works; lessons learned and next steps. Furthermore, the paper presents post construction roughness, load transfer efficiency and friction results of the tined longitudinal texture on the precast slabs.

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Session title:
Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering and Technologies
Chan, S.
Lee, W.
Lane, B
Kazmierowski, T.