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Building Bridges- Faster, Better, Safer Under emergency Conditions


Nahanni Range Road in Yukon starts at km108 of the Robert Campbell Highway and leads towards Northwest Territory. Heavy rains, snow melt and the spring freshet in June 2012 wiped out culverts at three locations on Nahanni Range Road. More than 100 miners, mill workers and exploration companies were out of work due to the wash outs and a major mining company shut down operations as this was the only road link to that part of the country. The rehabilitation of the road including the river crossings became a priority. The tender package was prepared and advertised within 48 hours in response to the emergency situation. There were some unknown conditions since the road was not accessible and as a result extra work was also anticipated during construction. Many design decisions had to be made on site during construction. Contractors were informed about the upcoming tender with short closing date and as a result six companies participated in the tender. Contract was awarded to the lowest bidder. Three modular 140’, 120’, 40’ oil field type bridges were purchased from Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd to replace three washed out culvert locations. To meet the emergency need, three bridges were installed on temporary structures in about a week, and the road was opened to the public. All bridges were reinstalled on permanent structures during the next two months and have 50 years expected service life. Many challenges were faced during the construction. This paper describes the project objectives, award process and details that revealed to be a cost-effective solution for Yukon Territory. 

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Amin Abdullah