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Estimating Utility Relocation Costs


At the planning stage of a road capital project, the potential costs of relocating dry utilities (i.e. power, gas, telecommunications) through the project lifecycle are usually not well understood. This lack of understanding can result in under- or over estimation of utility relocation budgets.


This project will be the first phase of a two-phase undertaking. Specifically, it will be a scoping study for development of an online tool that can provide reliable, high-level estimates of utility relocation costs for transportation projects. Project tasks will include:

  • A review of the existing literature on estimating utility costs for road capital projects
  • A Canadian industry scan to identify current methods of estimating dry utility relocation costs
  • Consultation with major utility agencies on approaches to estimating relocation costs at a project’s planning stage
  • A recommended technical methodology to be incorporated in a utility relocation cost estimation tool
  • A recommended platform for the tool, and cost estimate for the tool’s development and implementation
  • A report documenting the previous steps

Focus Area:Infrastructure and Asset Management

Project Summary

In Development
Last Updated:
July, 2024
Responsible Council / Committee:
Infrastructure & Asset Management Council / Construction Committee (Utilities Management Subcommittee)
Expected Duration:
6-12 months
Total Funding Estimate:
Staff Contact:Geoff Noxon