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What’s new with the Technology Council

November 21, 2023

This is one of several articles profiling the in-person Fall Technical Meetings of TAC’s six councils and their committees that took place over September 22-24, 2023.

TAC’s Technology Council welcomed 26 attendees to its fall meeting.

Guest presentations

The Council heard a presentation from Michael Tremblay, President, and CEO of Invest Ottawa & Bayview Yards. Michael gave an overview of the Area X.O research and development complex in Ottawa and profiled three projects currently underway.

The Council also heard a presentation from Matthew Lee of AECOM on the future of traffic management centres (TMCs) with a focus on their evolving design, functionality, and technology.

Committee updates

The Technology Council received updates from its three committees.

The Connected & Automated Vehicles Integrated Committee meeting attracted 22 attendees who discussed the risks, public perception, and political and legislative barriers related to CAV readiness. The committee also discussed its role in promoting awareness of this emerging focus area, as well as ideas for future webinars, lunch-and-learns and volunteer projects.

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee meeting involved 17 participants who discussed the committee’s current initiatives along with ideas for future lunch-and-learn sessions. The committee heard presentations from Ken Yang (AECOM) on data-driven traffic signal operations in Macomb County, and from Michael McGuire (Ramudden Digital) on the application of video analytics in pedestrian safety. The committee also discussed future conference sessions and its ongoing volunteer project on rural ITS approaches.

The Digital Applications Committee meeting attracted nine participants, who heard a presentation from Arif Rafiq (ESRI Canada) on data analytics and discussed the progress of a working group on digital twinning. The committee also discussed plans for future lunch-and-learn events and future conference sessions.

Technology Council Executive

The Council’s new Executive includes:

  • Chair – Ken Moshi (Transport Canada)
  • Vice-Chair – Ed Stubbing (AECOM Canada)
  • Chair, Connected & Automated Vehicles Integrated Committee – Michael Collins (GHD)
  • Chair, Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee – Richard Chylinski (Parsons)
  • Chair, Digital Applications Committee – Douglas Pateman (Ontario Ministry of Transportation)
  • Past Chair – Jeannette Montufar-MacKay (MORR Transportation Consulting)
  • Board Liaison – Scott Stewart (Scott Stewart & Associates)

Contact Romaine Morrison for more information on the Technology Council and its committees.